Hey there! I’m Tim Stremos and I teach holistic, alternative and natural practitioners how to grow their practice.

Just as true health comes from gentleness and forethought, as does a bountiful practice. Here, we work together to create financial abundance for practitioners through marketing and presenting ourselves holistically.  We learn how to give our knowledge on the web and create true relationships, how to present ourselves with sweet-temperedness and professionalism.  These simple ideologies can turn about any practitioner into the single go-to person for anyone that you want to serve.

Marketing for holistic businesses for 8 years.

I'm also the co-creator of The Green Consciousness Guide, a print and digital city guide to help people discover local, ethical and green businesses + practitioners. This tool brought in thousands of customers for holistic business all across the Montreal area. I’ve been marketing for health and do-good based businesses and people since 2007.

Freelancer Essentials

The Annual Green Consciousness Guide. Available between 2007 through 2014.

My Family

I live in the beautiful Laurentiens with my partner, Lyse-Anne, and our two amazing boys, Arthur and Milan (getting them to look into the lens of the camera is such a cute experience!).

We’re a bi-lingual household, speaking in French and English. Though, English is my first language, and I’m certainly far better off speaking in English than in French. But if you speak French, feel free to write me! The practice is good for me! :).

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What I Do and Who I Work with

I work exclusively with natural practitioners of all kinds, from massage therapists, to naturopaths, to yoga teachers to osteopaths and help them grow their new or old practice like gangbusters. The key is about positioning yourself, presenting clear products and services, and pricing them appropriately. Watch my free training to learn how this all works (the link is above!).

4 Things About Me
(that you probably didn't know!)

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I Love The Tesla Model S

I'd just come back from Quebec City in my first trip with the Model S. My oh my, how amazing is this thing? Zero emissions, zero fossil fuels & zero pollution. 400kms on a single charge, never hit the gas station again, almost all touch screen, wireless control, and just so hot! Right? I mean, wow. Amazing car. Great job, Elon & team.

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I’d Lived in The Netherlands for 3 Years

I love the culture. They’re an incredible open, beautiful society that much of the world could benefit from modeling. And wow, what a beautiful language Dutch is (I speak a bit of it!). If you ever find yourself travelling to North Western Europe, do not miss this wonderful country.

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I'm Vegetarian

Though far from an angry one, I totally respect food choices of all kinds. Oddly, I’m really grossed out by a lot of common vegetarian food (read: mushrooms & sprouts, just to name a few, bleh! :O). By the way, that was my lunch a few days ago, so good.

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I Have an Apple Watch

And, maybe, think it’s cooler than it probably is. It’s a fun toy (:. But I do think that in the next few years, it'll be a key part of modern life by coming the key to our homes, cars, health tracking. (Yes, that really is my arm. Yes, Pat, I really took a picture of me and my Apple Watch.)