The 5 Biggest Marketing Mistakes Made by Massage Therapists

The 5 Biggest Marketing Mistakes Made by Massage Therapists.Do you make these mistakes?Get free training here:

Posted by Holistic Marketer on Monday, October 12, 2015

“What do you think about this?”, said a struggling Massage Therapist in El Paso, Texas.

She handed one of their newly printed flyers to her business partner.  “They look great!”, he replied, “Let’s hit the streets and hand them out!”.

7 hours later, after the drudgery of handing out exactly 292 flyers, they gave up and left bunches in local cafes and business.  Two months later, after hours or work and hundreds of dollars spent on design and printing, along with hours of their time, they had just one person come in.  She bought a one hour massage, and after 8 months, she hasn’t even come back once.

Depressing, right?

But don’t despair.  There is a better path to new clients. Watch the video to find out if you're doing any of them, so you can put a stop to them ASAP.